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Amanda Nunes v Chris Cyborg EA UFC 4

abbeyshepard761 profile image Abbey Shepard ・1 min read

Check out EA's UFC 4 characters Amanda Nunes v Chris Cyborg square off against each other.

This game is incredible, the graphics are a notch up but the most noticeable is career mode and being able to deliver the submissions which I found way more difficult in UFC 1,2 & 3 - love the feel of the whole game and the different locations that are now in place. Also nice to see other athletes on the cover rather than Conor.

Amanda Nunes is ranking number one in all athlete rankings with UFC 4, how cool is that in the MMA community representing women's MMA? #wmma (although I had Cyborg winning)

She is a hero (they both are)!

amanda nunes v chris cyborg


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I love Nunes but I also feel that someone as special as Cyborg does belong in the UFC, it is so sad that it didnt work out for her there but it has for so many other women, I do hope she comes back. She was an amazing representative for women's mma in the biggest promotion on the planet. x


Cyborg won! Yay, I love Chris - she belongs in the UFC.


Haven't played it yet, looking to get my hands on though, bit expensive at present


Amanda Nunes is a personal hero of mine, so talent, so humble.