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How do I get into the UFC?

Posting this here as I am assuming this is a question that gets asked a lot by up and coming MMA athletes..

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To have a chance of getting to the UFC, you're gonna need a good MMA record with at least some if it in a well known regional promotion with some buzz around your fights and some decent ticket sales behind you.

You're gonna need to take things into your own hands by building up your socials and your own fan base, interact with them, get them to do the work for you, no point in just marketing yourself if you can get others to support you and help along that journey.

You gotta keep winning, that's a given.

I good amateur background helps, especially from the college leagues in the US. You might have high school wrestling experience and have some solid gradings in the disciplines that your train (BJJ, Muay Thai etc)

Build up your reputation as a professional that allows shows up at promotional responsibilities, makes weight, is sociable and approachable with the fans and media, presentable, trust worthy. Bit like an actor in hollywood, bad press, lack of professionalism, not turning up for stuff, always being late, substance abuse, rumours in the community that you are a bit hard to work with will all present barriers of entry when trying to get into the UFC.

Affiliation with a well known gym is always a good start (and again having a good professional reputation there). Getting in any door is always about making connections, networking and socialising, learning, collaborating and helping others, get in with the community, work hard, it all comes back to you one way or another. People will pass on your name and reputation for all sorts of gigs including sponsorship and then maybe a ticket to The Ultimate Fighter (depending on your record and how entertaining you will be) or Dana White's Contender Series (again, this TV and numbers matter so if you are as dull as dishwater..)

So to summarise, keep winning (and all the discipline and lifestyle choices that keeps that momentum) build up your reputation (you can create a character in the UFC later once you are in and have a few wins under your contract), get connected, build your network with your peers, give back to your community, help others. Interact with your fan base, get them promoting for you. Luck plays a part in all of these things, right place, right time so stay ready, always be in ready mode to take advantage of the right opportunity when it arises.

Work your ass off and constantly rehearse the future in your mind, fingers crossed, keep grinding, be cheeky, be brave and make it happed.

There is no magic formula to get into the UFC, every athlete story is different but one thing that is consistent is hard work, winning, charisma, capitalising along the way

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