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How to do the Pace Choke (or Pillory) in BJJ

Wouldn't it be great if you had a choke or submission actually named after you?

Well Nick Pace is known in the world of MMA and Martial Arts as the first man who applied pillory choke, or a Pace choke in an MMA bout.

Have a look at the YouTube video above to see a detailed tutorial on how to complete a Pace choke, to help with that, here is an overview.

You can perform Pace choke with both legs, but let’s assume your right leg is more flexible.

Step #1. Controlling the full guard or half guard position, throw your right leg over the top of his neck. Nick Pace says you should wrap it around the rear part of the opponent’s neck. Optionally, you can press the opponent’s cerebellum for more efficiency.

Note: Make sure the opponent’s left arm is under your right leg, or he will block your Pace choke attempt easily. Nick Pace also emphasizes that the kneecap should end up on the back of the neck.

Step #2. Use your right hand to go under the opponent’s neck (Nick Pace calls this the principle of the same side – if you wrap the right leg, right arm goes under the chin). Grab the shin of your right leg.

Note: the right forearm must constantly pressure the neck to disable slipping.

Step #3. Put your left hand on your right hand, and grab it hard. You can also clench your left fist for more efficient grab.

Note: Rotate to the left side for more efficiency. This will also prevent the opponent from throwing a left hook or a left overhand on you.

Step #4. Squeeze the opponent by pulling your right leg to the right and down. You need to stop the blood flow to his neck by pressing it on the top. Pull your hands towards you to increase the strength of the submission.

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