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Anir Bularee
Anir Bularee

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Why UFC fighters cut weight

When UFC fighters cut weight, they do it so that they can gain a size and strength advantage over their up and coming opponents.

In the world of combat sports, size does matter.

The bigger you are physically then harder you strike, it is harder to take you down, and when you take your opponent down it is harder for them to escape.

An athlete who masters how to effectively cut weight will always have a competitive advantage over their opponent, one of the biggest stars of the UFC (Conor McGregor) made this very obvious when he left Cage Warriors at lightweight and joined the UFC at featherweight.

Conor's drastic weight cut was extremely obvious to that of his opponents.

It isn't just about the weight cut though, the quicker you can bounce back to maximum weight with maximum strength is just as critical which is why, when most UFC fighters make it financially, they hire a nutritionist and a chef.

Watch the above video - it is a real eye opener

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