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Dana White talks plans with Conor McGregor for 2021

baueroller profile image Baue Roller ・1 min read

Dana White briefly talks plans about bringing in Conor McGregor back in the UFC for 2021. Great to hear from White that they are talking, keeping Conor busy (out of trouble) and healthy with the company whilst also paying him his worth is obviously a tricky balancing act.

Personally I thought he was fantastic on The Ultimate Fighter series 22

The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber is an installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)-produced reality television series The Ultimate Fighter.


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Those buttchin jokes on TUF22 were classic Conor McGregor


One of the best seasons of the ultimate fighter ever


Well things have escalated somewhat since then! Called Dana β€˜baldy’!!! Started his own charity event with Dustin!! Called out the Disney CEO, shared private messages! Gee whiz!!!