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Michael Chandler offers some great mindset advice

Baue Roller
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If you didn't know already, Michael Chandler has made it to the UFC!

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In his recent appearance on the DC & Helwani podcast, Michael gave us a bit of an insight into his remarkable mindset, here is what he said when Ariel Helwani asked Michael what he thought of Pitbull's tweet after Michael signed for the UFC.

"Let's talk about philosophy, some people have a scarcity mindset and some people have an abundance mindset. A scarcity mindset says that because people like you Ariel are winning, then you are taking away the winning from the rest of us. That means I can't win as much as I want to win because you are winning."

"An abundance mindset says there is enough money, popularity, there are enough of these things out there that people can go and accomplish, whenever I see one man out there who achieves success, that doesn't mean that my success is being diminished. Celebrate people's accomplishments, celebrate people moving up in life, because ultimately that sort of mindset means that things will work out for you."

If you want to listen to the whole episode you can right here on thisMMAlife (we have loads of curated MMA podcasts)

That is the kind of philosophy this community loves, let's tip our hat at Mr Chandler, been in the UFC for 5 minutes and already looking the class act.

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Discussion (5)

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Lee Wynne

That's a really interesting listen actually. Michael comes across very intelligent and deep thinking, he rise has been planned perfectly, enter the open market with a load of momentum behind him, have the UFC negotiate with other promotions to secure him, it is a great example of hard work and betting on yourself.

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Jaynie Ramirez

As much as I appreciate Michael Chandler, I do hope that he isn't a stand in at UFC 254

yanik profile image

Me too!

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Taylor Ray

Love this 😍

yanik profile image

Let’s hope he gets some UFC rounds in at UFC 254 rather than sitting on the bench, heard Tony Ferguson also ranting about Michael Chandler getting paid more than him with zero UFC experience!