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MMA Basics: How to do the splits

Updated on ・1 min read

It seems like any MMA athlete worth their salt can do the splits, apparently it isn't half as hard as you think.

The YouTube video above is a good start but here are some more resources to help get you started with those ultra high kicks and flexing your martial skills by dropping into the splits 😅

How to get your splits in ONE DAY (SIMPLE, FAST, EASY) for BEGINNERS

How I Learned The Full Splits In 30 Days

How to do the Split fast – NOT FLEXIBLE? No problem! – (Explained by science)

How I Learned The Full Splits in 30 Days

How I Achieved Full Splits In Only 1 Week - Fast Flexibility ASAP (Full Routine)

How to do the Splits for the Inflexible! Beginner Splits Tutorial

How To Do Side Splits If You're Not Flexible

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