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Cover image for Bellator 270, Peter Queally vs Patricky Pitbull 2. 5th November 2021. All you need to know.
Bellator Events
Bellator Events

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Bellator 270, Peter Queally vs Patricky Pitbull 2. 5th November 2021. All you need to know.

Peter Queally vs Patricky Pitbull 2 is going to be an absolute war. Both these men give it all in the Octogan.

You can catch Bellator 270: Peter Queally vs Patricky Pitbull 2 on Showtime in the US and BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Bellator 270 Main Card

Main Card Weight
Peter Queally vs Patricky Pitbull 155
James Gallagher vs Patchy Mix 135
Daniel Weichel vs Pedro Carvalho 145

Bellator 270 Prelims

Prelims Weight
Daniele Scatizzi vs Brian Hooi 155
Ciaran Clarke vs Jordan Barton 145
Danni Neilan vs Audrey Kerouche 115
Junior Morgan vs Darragh Kelly 145
Stephen Costello vs Yusuf Nazokatov 170
Ilias Bulaid vs Georges Sasu 145
Ashley Reece vs Luca Poclit 170
Lee Chadwick vs Arunas Andriuskevicus 205
Nicolò Solli vs Bobby Pallett 170
Asaël Adjoudj vs Keir Harvie 145
Gokhan Saricam vs Rob Beech 265

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Where to watch Bellator 270

United States

Bellator events like Bellator 270 air via Showtime and Youtube. The preliminary card for the events are available via Bellator MMA’s Youtube Channel.

The main card of Bellator 270 will live stream online via Showtime app and website via monthly subscription. Showtime’s subscription costs $10.99 per month. You can use the below link to get a one-month free trial.

United Kingdom

Bellator events in United Kingdom airs via BBC iPlayer. Bellator 270 main card and preliminary card can be streamed online completely free via BBC iPlayer.

The fans in UK can watch Bellator events for free via BBC iPlayer.

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