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Bellator Events
Bellator Events

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Bellator Event. Bellator 271 Cris Cyborg vs Sinead Kavanagh. 12th November 2021

She is back! Cris Cyborg just can't be denied and this time she is defending her title against SBG's Sinead Kavanagh.

Bellator 271 Main Card

Main Card Weight
Cris Cyborg vs Sinead Kavanagh 145
Tyrell Fortune vs Linton Vassell 265
Arlene Blencowe vs Pam Sorenson 145
Aaron Pico vs Justin Gonzales 145
Steve Mowry vs Rakim Cleveland 265

Bellator 271 Prelims

Prelims Weight
Bruna Ellen vs Desiree Yanez 185
Roman Faraldo vs Robert Turnquest 265
Cody Law vs Colton Hamm 135
Valerie Loureda vs Taylor Turner 155
Jordan Newman vs Shane O'Shea 265
W. Cortes-Acosta vs Mo DeReese 135
M. Fawzy Sebie vs Ethan Hughes 145

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Bellator 271 Promos

Bellator 271 Weigh-ins

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Bellator 271 Where to Watch

US MMA fans can watch Bellator 271: Cyborg vs Kavanagh live stream on Showtime.

UK MMA fans can catch it for free on BBC iPlayer.

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