My new basement gym is coming together nicely

ben profile image Ben Halpern 🦁 Updated on ・1 min read

I just bought my first home recently, and it is an opportunity to build a great home gym. Covid times also make the choice easier. I expect real gyms will become a thing again eventually, but now is as good a time than ever to commit to the longterm idea of having a great home gym.

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So far it's just got a few things. I'm gradually furnishing the space mostly with commercial-quality used equipment, as opposed to quickly getting cheaper stuff.

I bought self-leveling concrete underlayment to level the uneven stone and concrete floor in this 1890's home. I also invested in good dehumidifiers and air purifiers, alongside a commitment to regular vacuuming for dust. Pouring the concrete was pretty straightforward.

I got the mats at a nearby farm supply shop. They are stall mats for stables and do the trick.

I'm currently on the lookout for a squat rack and an olympic bar with some weights.


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Very nice Ben! Good luck, post another once it progresses :D


Wow! Great investment Ben 😎 I’ll share some pics of ours. We bought some body pump weights and subscribed to Les Mills online. The body pump program has been a life changer, highly recommended.


You need a good punch bag 🤓


Half the garage. With gravity boots 😂