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Which is difficult technique in MMA Fights?

There are many techniques in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) that can be challenging to master, and the difficulty can depend on factors such as the individual's natural abilities, experience level, and training methods.

That being said, some techniques are generally considered to be more difficult to execute than others. For example, the spinning back kick, the flying knee strike, and the flying armbar are notoriously challenging techniques to pull off effectively in an MMA fight.

In addition, grappling techniques such as the rear naked choke and the triangle choke can be challenging to execute on skilled opponents who are well-versed in grappling defense. Similarly, advanced striking techniques like the Superman punch or the spinning backfist require a high level[.] timing, speed, and coordination to land effectively.

Ultimately, every technique in MMA has its own unique challenges, and it's up to the individual fighter to put in the time and effort to master them through diligent practice and training.

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