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Are MMA fighters the best hand-to-hand contenders on the planet?

If you're looking at battling with practically no weapons aside from your actual body, and in the event that you're discussing great expert blended military specialists like in the UFC, the response is 100 percent yes. UFC warriors will obliterate some other kinds of contenders both all through the enclosure. I don't care a lot about folks kicking every where it really hurts, jabbing each other in the eyes, or attempting to tear each other's throats out, UFC contenders will prevail upon well 90% of the time, and it's likely in the high 90s. Consider how frequently UFC warriors are cautioned for eye jabs or crotch kicks. In any case, that is them making an effort not to commit those fouls and doing it. You figure they can't do it in the road? These contenders are the most incredible on the planet and train numerous hours daily in different disciplines, are areas of strength for very, are utilized to agony and battle. They are ass kicking machines and any individual who thinks they'll lose in a " road battle" since they practice a "sport" is totally 100 percent wrong.

There are MMA fighters who could beat anyone else in the world with their bare hands.

Several of them, actually.

However, this doesn’t mean that they will beat anyone on any given day.

Shit happens in a fight. Sometimes you missed something or didn’t react quick enough. The other guy takes your back and puts you to sleep. This can happen to anyone.

Sometimes you didn’t react quick enough to a strike. It hits you right on the easy button and you go to sleep. No one is immune to these things happening.

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