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How to do a triangle from mount.

Jean Jacques Machado shows us how to get a triangle in from mount when your opponent shells up.

Not easy to do as a certain Brian Ortega demonstrated recently in the UFC, usually once it's in deep there is no escaping, but Alex escaped!

Check this out for more information

A triangle choke, or sankaku-jime (δΈ‰θ§’η΅ž) in judo, is a type of figure-four chokehold that encircles the opponent's neck and one arm with the legs in a configuration similar to the shape of a triangle. Applying pressure using both legs and the opponent's own shoulder, the technique is a type of lateral vascular restraint that constricts the blood flow from the carotid arteries to the brain, potentially resulting in loss of consciousness in seconds when applied correctly. Recent studies have shown that the triangle choke takes an average of 9.5 seconds to render an opponent unconscious from the moment it is properly applied.

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