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Yoga for MMA Fighters

Mother, fighter, daughter, teacher
・1 min read

Hello thisMMAlife community! This video demonstrates some great yoga techniques that can be included in your MMA training routines. Yoga can be a great addition to your workouts, it will relax your post-training and is a great way to practice mindfulness after a hectic MMA session.

I do yoga all the time and offer online 1:1 sessions so if you want to learn more reach out and let me know!


Discussion (4)

hannahwoking1 profile image

I think if most MMA athletes did yoga it would help with the roller coaster of emotions running up to competition, practicing presence is good for anyone no matter what they do for a living, even more so if you are putting your body under that much stress on a day to day basis.

ericstenam2 profile image

Surely all MMA athletes / fighters do yoga right?

edwards_krisy profile image
KrisyEdwards Author

No really, I know loads of MMA athletes that stretch out but not actual Yoga. Hot Yoga is very popular in the MMA community though.

lee profile image
Lee Wynne

Nice share Krisy! I agree, I do Yoga but not as much since COVID started :(