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What's next for Petr Yan?

After Petr Yan's controversial loss at ufc 280 many are wondering what is next for the former champion. I think the fight to make is a rematch with Sean O'Malley as a fight night main event in February. This fight should never have been a 3 round fight. Petr Yan is a 5 round fighter and O'Malley should be fighting on Yan's terms because he gave him this opportunity to jump the line. I think this was one of the worst robberies we have ever seen in the history of the sport. It was absolutely atrocious O'Malley does not deserve a title shot off of this gifted decision.

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That’s a fair shout, seems weird that the UFC would use him as a stepping stone for the sugar show.. Hopefully he doesn’t leave the UFC, he’s one of my favourite fighters to watch.