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Cover image for How MMA helps solve social issues - by Leon Edwards and BT Sport

How MMA helps solve social issues - by Leon Edwards and BT Sport

hannahwoking1 profile image hannahwoking ・1 min read

Leon Edwards has been fighting every single day of his life! Is the video promo released this week by BT Sport.

BT Sport do a better job promoting UFC events than the UFC!

This promo for Rocky Edwards is a prime example of how an inner city MMA gym can give kids that have a troubled upbringing, who are bullied or feel that they have nowhere else to go, a chance - it's a fighting chance but it's better than living the street gang life.

Knife crime is rife in the UK, especially in big cities like Birmingham and London, something that Leon is now helping with in some of his social responsibilities as he becomes much more well known in the UK from being a top welterweight contender.

I wish him luck tonight against Belal Muhammad. Watch the promo below, well done again BT Sport.

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