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How to become an MMA fighter

One of the most common searches for MMA on Google is 'How to become an MMA fighter.'

So in this post, I have pulled together as much of that content together on one page, if you think there is anything missing or you have any advice of your own on how to become an MMA fighter then drop it in the comments or message me on This MMA Life directly.

Some decent YouTube videos on how to become an MMA fighter:

Interesting articles on how to become an MMA fighter:

From Wiki how:

To get started, gain proficiency in at least one martial arts field, and familiarize yourself with others. Train regularly and adopt a healthy diet to strengthen your body ... Read the rest here

 From Quora:

What does it take to become a professional MMA fighter? (Assume one is 25 years old. Never fought in his life, below average physical conditioning). Is it even feasible? What does the timeline look like?
Read the rest here

 From Fight Culture:

How to Become an MMA Fighter? (With Steps). Becoming an MMA fighter requires total dedication and love for the game. The sport is currently one of the fastest-growing in the world. It’s a sport that can help you get in top shape and prepare you for a successful pro career. However, attaining a pro-level statue takes hard work.

In this guide, you will learn what it takes to be a pro-MMA fighter. Read the guide here

 From Sports Daily:

The journey to becoming a successful MMA fighter can be easy and challenging at the same time. It is considered as one of the booming sport in our world today, and yet the most challenging. According to numerous internet sources, there are over 5,000 professional MMA fighters. With at least 13% of this number having being contracted by The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Even though the MMA fight is a real fight, a defined set of rules is followed, like any other sport. Read the full article here

 From Attack the Back:

content of article
how to become an mma fighter

So you want to be an MMA fighter? The road to MMA fame and fortune is not always as glamorous as it seems. There are millions of people like you who want to fight on ESPN for the UFC. However, only a few hundred of these millions of people manage to qualify for the big leagues.

MMA is different from most sports because it is constantly growing. MMA is actually the fastest growing sport today, with more and more people going to their local MMA gym to register for classes. Read the rest of the article here*

 From BJPenn:

*Here’s what no one tells you about being an MMA fighter. So you think becoming a mixed martial artist is easy? Think again. Besides the fact that it takes years of practice in various disciplines, putting your life literally on the line every time you enter the cage is pretty heroic.

Sure. Maybe you’ve taken a couple of boxing classes. Or maybe you do Muay Thai to keep yourself fit. But ask yourself, can you really handle competition? If the answer is yes, then maybe there is hope after all.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to be equipped not just with skill, but with knowledge. Here are six things no one tells you about being an MMA fighter.* Read the rest here

From the BBC!

From making your first step in the gym to becoming a world champion in the octagon, the BBC MMA Show breaks down how to reach the top of the MMA tree.

*Have you ever wondered if you’d be tough enough to make in the world's biggest MMA organisation? Who knows? Perhaps you could become the next Conor McGregor or, if you didn’t get things right, maybe the next CM Punk. In an episode of the BBC MMA Show podcast, former UFC fighter Dan Hardy and journalist Nick Peet discuss the key points in a fighter’s career, giving you an in-depth breakdown of how to go from amateur to champion. Read the full article here

How to become a UFC fighter from Sports Manor:

There are so many mixed martial artists in the world. Most of them are unknown to most of the world. Though this might not be the case if you are fighting for a top-tier organization like the UFC.

Even though a lot of fighters fighting under the promotion are not quite well known internationally, one can’t deny the fact that it is the UFC whose elite fighters represent the game. That’s why it’s the dream of every professional MMA fighter to one day fight under the banner of this promotion.

Read the full article here

From Extreme Strikers:



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest-growing sports on the planet; captivating the world’s attention with power, athleticism and raw excitement. Thanks to that attention you, a friend or a family member may now find yourself asking the question, “How do I get started in training MMA?”

In this article we will break down step-by-step how to get into MMA, but also how to progress and accelerate your development. Whether you dream of becoming a top fighter or just want to learn a new skill, you will find all the advice you need in this guide.

how to get into mma

Read the full article here

From Men's Health:

I Trained like an MMA Fighter for 3 Months. Here's What Happened.

There is a camera-man crouching in front of me. The producer has his palm out to hold us where we stand at the end of the walkway and behind him I can see the video of myself being played back on a big screen above the cage. My corner-man and coach stand behind me, a hand resting on my shoulder. I’ve never felt this strong. In the last 3 months I have become physically fitter and more powerful than I’ve ever been. Mentally, I feel like a fighter. I’m ready to fight. More than that, I’m ready to win. My name is announced. My music starts…

Read the full article here

From Sporting News

What does it take to become a professional MMA fighter?

Becoming a professional fighter takes a lot of qualities that most people don't possess. So first, you need to be an individual that was given certain physical attributes at birth. Take that child and give him an upbringing and life experience that will make him mentally tough as an adult. Experience in martial arts, or at least a contact sport, will do well to hardwire a person's brain for MMA training and competition. So, as an adult getting ready to begin your career, you should have the following traits...

Read the full article here

Finding an MMA Gym

How to find an MMA gym? Well tapology have great resource for finding an MMA gym in your area:

View the MMA gym directory here

Finding an MMA Manager

Here is a great AMA from Reddit. I am a MMA manager and events promoter. Ask me Anything! Read the AMA here

Dominance MMA Management located in New York and Las Vegas. The #1 MMA Agency in the business. They seem to be dominating MMA management as the name suggests.

From Cageside Press:

MMA Management: An Inside Look.

Mixed martial arts has grown to become a sport followed by fans across the globe, and as the sport has grown, so too has the business side. Fighter pay, and other benefits, have become more important than ever before. And with that, the importance of managers has grown in step. Cageside Press had the pleasure to speak with some of the top MMA managers in the sport recently. In doing so, we had the opportunity to learn about their journey into the business, their future, and get their thoughts on the industry.

Read the full article here

That's it for now, i'll add more content here as it becomes available!

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