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MMA fighter marketing checklist 101. What to say on mic after a win.


Before you step in the Octagon you have got to know what you are going to say if you win. In fact, you should be scripting this and using it as a mantra as you start your fight camp.

Repeat the scenario and affirmations in your head constantly whilst training.

Why do you want to say these things:

  • Give the UFC something to work on, Showreels etc, a story line.
  • Give your next opponent something to bite on for a Twitter saga or something similar.
  • Give the fans something to look forward to.
  • Don't assume your manager or coach is going to do it for you.
  • Think 2-3 fighters ahead, always, win or lose.

Remember when Conor dropped the ‘double champ does what the fook he wants’ line? That was totally rehearsed, totally scripted.

They even made a song of it.

So when DC, Bisping or god forbid Joe Rogan is walking up to you this is what you want to be saying. Ian Garry recently demonstrated this on his recent MSG debut.

Here is talking about his thinking running up to that interview. Ian Garry is at 1:03:46

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Take control, you don't need to follow their questions.

Ignore what they are asking, let them start then take the mic, not completely, pull it over to you and control the outcome, the narrative, the sound bites and the show reel.

It's your time, nobody else has earned it like you, time to shine baby so say what you need to say.

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