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UFC Media Pass Credentials

hannahwoking1 profile image hannahwoking ・1 min read

Anyone know how to get hold of UFC media credentials? I have Googled the hell out of it and it looks more complicated now that ESPN is involved.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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lee profile image

Also here are some links to apply for media press credentials for both the UFC and Bellator.

UFC Media Press Credentials
Bellator Media Press Credentials

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Here is a really good YouTube video on getting UFC, Bellator etc media press credentials etc, although it's a bit old.

markb2201 profile image
mark blanchard

This is a post I will keep an eye on for sure. Great question!!

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Lee • Edited

Me too! The whole idea of This MMA Life is that a blogger or up and coming reporter / content creator can start their own publishing organisation/brand on here, and then start writing great content for it, and eventually be able to apply for press and media credentials at the UFC, Bellator or any other international or domestic mixed martial arts organisation. To kick start their career and make good money from it, nothing would warm my heart more.