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hhhellraiser profile image Helen Harper Originally published at ・2 min read

When I first conceptualised the 30-day challenge, one of the key ingredients for me was the capability for accountability. When I think of something I feel apprehensive about, I know how much help I need - especially at the beginning of my journey. So why should fitness be any different?

Starting an exercise program starts off quite fun. You see the changes in your body and your energy levels rise. People start to notice how great you look, and it's an incredible feeling of pride!
Then comes the dreaded plateau. It hits you out of nowhere and you never know how long it will stay. That's where I come in.

do it!

Anyone can find a workout online, there are millions available for whatever style of training you prefer. However, no matter the style, the plateau hits like a bitch. Most online workouts don't have the option to discuss with their creator about how you are feeling. I pride myself on the 30 day challenge, and the amount of contact I like to keep with my clients throughout the month.

Sometimes, just talking through all the reasons you started the program is enough to keep you going. More often than not, you will need assistance in managing your time, your motivation levels, and even your diet, to make sure you are eating the right foods to fuel your workout.


Within my 30 day challenge, I make sure that I am available to chat for 12 hours of the day (8.30am-8.30pm) so that no matter which hours you work - there will be time to talk if you are feeling apprehensive, or worried about any aspect of the challenge.

Think about why you have failed when attempting a workout program in the past. Most people tell me that they lost motivation, or forgot why they had started in the first place. If you don't believe me, try it - accountability works!

Reach out at and let's get going!

get going

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Joan Adams

Love this Helen ❤️