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Helen Harper for HHH Self Defence

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How to take someone down who’s way bigger than you 🤼‍♀️

Enjoy this video tutorial from me, Helen Harper from over at HHH Self Defence and Xenios Charalambous who has an amazing body transformation story that you can checkout and subscribe on YouTube here!

In this video tutorial I demonstrate the power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu takedowns on someone who is clearly way bigger than me and very muscular to boot!

If you like what you see, why not sign up for one of my free coaching plans?

Brain & Body Blast

The purpose:

The online world of martial arts and self awareness as a hybrid, is a completely new concept. For this reason, I give a full 5 days away, completely free, so that you can experience exactly how it feels to work with me.

When will it start?

The next Brain & Body Blast will be held soon. As places are limited, please only sign up here if you intend to complete the 5 day course.

What will it include?

Every day, you can log in to the members only area, where you will have access to a video with the full workout to be done at a time that suits you.

Brain: You will also get a task in the form of appreciation, self awareness or mindfulness. The feedback form attached to each day is in place to make it easier to note down your thoughts, and send them to me for discussion.

Remember, I am on hand to help, encourage and motivate you - there is no question too big or small!

What equipment do I need?

I recommend that you have a mat (a yoga mat is fine) or access to a soft carpet so as to protect your hips. There is no specific uniform though, and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable moving around in. I also recommend having a bottle of water nearby so as to stay hydrated, especially when your movement increases.

Hope to see you soon!

Helen x

Top comments (5)

lee profile image

One of the best take down tutorials I have seen, just because of the sheer difference in size 💪🏽🤼‍♀️ Brilliant

taliashaw_962 profile image
Talia Shaw

Ahahahha this is brilliant. I love seeing a woman dominating some pumped up gym jockey! It looked so easy 😂😂

hannahwoking1 profile image

We don't see this enough in womens MMA online, the power of Jiu Jitsu shows it is about technique and leverage, not muscle or height. Well done Helen, could tell he was being a bit of an ass.

chatenmegan profile image
Megan Chaten

Woooooah!!! This is brilliant - he is really pushing his lick there too isn’t he? 😂😂😂 easy take down!

amyfaithamy profile image

Omg she made it look so easy!

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