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McGregor FAST App Review 2021

If you didn't know already (due to Conor McGregor's formidable marketing skills) Conor McGregor has his own online, on demand workout app, it's called 'McGregor FAST'.

McGregor FAST - what does 'FAST' mean?

The key word “anaerobic” is important here, as McGregor 'FAST' is an acronym for “The Fighter Aerobic/Anaerobic System of Training.”

I have to say, the online reviews for this program are stella, so let's take a look at what's going on.

Who is behind the McGregor FAST program?

Dr. Julian Dalby M.D.

Obviously, apart from Conor himself there are a couple of key individuals, one of the more notable people being Dr. Julian Dalby M.D.

Apparently "The Doc" is McGregor's primary FAST coach and originally founded the FAST training system. Dr. Julian is as exercise physiologist and medical doctor, he is also responsible for overseeing Conor's daily workout schedules, nutrition, weight cuts and general fight preparation.

Dr. Julian was also present at Conor's most recent outing at UFC264

He even looks like a real doctor:

A former Olympic long-distance cyclist, Dr. Julian switched his training program from pure endurance workouts to include more HIIT and speed training and ultimately became the Irish national sprint champion.

Colin Byrne

Team McGregor Primary Trainer

Colin Byrne is the guy that makes sure everything runs smoothly at McGregor FAST.

Colin's resume is solid. A former professional cyclist and a European Silver medalist in BJJ, Colin has spent thousands of hours coaching students at "The Shinobi Academy", Portugal's first dedicated school of MMA that he founded himself in 2009.

Colin is heavily featured in the McGregor FAST app and is continuously guiding members through their transformations in order to become the best possible versions of themselves. He really pushes for results and winning outcomes.


Let's have a look at some of the online reviews:

From Inside Hook

After four weeks, I can confidently say I was not disappointed. Was there a massive physical change that produced a dramatic, infomercial-worthy before-and-after photo set? No. But the changes I feel in my body are noticeable, even after a relatively short period. During the ramp test on my first day, I was breathing heavily (and sweating profusely) after just 30 minutes. During my first Red Zone rowing day, I couldn’t hit my BPM range. But at the end of the four weeks, I found myself cruising around Central Park and dodging tourists while easily staying within the Green Zone. And during the last week, I hit all of my Red Zone marks while still being able to complete a full workout after without getting gassed or “drowning.”

Read the full review here

From Just use App

The Fight camp program is well organized and intense. Styled around Conor's prefight training camps. Highly recommend if looking for something manageable but intense, that will hold you accountable and keep you engaged

This app is great. Awesome training programs that are actually from Conor and his coaches. The workouts are programmed in different “zones” to balance training intensity and focus on specific energy systems. Plus a bunch of insight from Conor and his team. It’s really legit.

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From the Google Play store:

6 weeks in and I love it. Very good foundation for a great app. I feel there are room for improvements. I would love for the voices in-between workouts to mention if it's reps or a timer. "Dumbell Squats, 20 reps".

The workouts in this program are exactly what you need to train and transform your body to a superior level of athleticism . It has the perfect selection of intensities if you like that like hard, intensive, & challenging workouts. something that pushes you. I will be starting this program on the 3rd of next month in 4 days. and can't wait to see the results.

Got this app cause I wanted to get fit and workout in the privacy of my own home. Signed up to the 8 week fighter camp and even with the green zones I'm dripping I love this app and the workouts! Honestly I couldn't do a push up when I started had to have my knees on the ground but now here I am in week four and I'm able to smash out the spiderman push ups! Thanks to the team that created this because you have changed my life!

Great app so far, going into week 4 cutting weight. Can see muscle tone changing (motivating and Feels good to see progress). I travel from time to time for work and I tried to change the equipment available to me in hopes of altering my workouts to fit my new living conditions. If there is a way of doing this, the guidance would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, the app is still good to go.

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From the Apple iOS Store

The McGregor FAST App is a transformative training experience. The apps diverse fitness programs and workouts are a unique opportunity to expand your abilities under the supervision of McGregor's team of experts. They have developed a platform that delivers access to cutting-edge sports science and an experience-driven high performance culture. These guided workouts have pushed me out of my comfort zone and routines, and I can already see the difference.

Just hit 45 & needed to stop making excuses. Excuses won’t work with this app. However hard work does, and what I love about this app is how user friendly it is, how it keeps me motivated and how it creates workouts based on my needs.

The science behind the workouts and the way they are tailored to individual needs is unbelievable! Great structure 10/10. Only thing I would like to see is notification capabilities, daily reminders may keep people on track better. Oss!

Love it so far. I hope they keep expanding it and adding more features/workouts and more on the diet side please! Love the app. I’ll be encouraging everyone to use it.

The setup and easiness of the app is awesome, I’m currently doing the Fat burn 8 week program, I realize I needed structure and this is definitely a huge help for that!

Read more iOS app reviews here

From Essentially Sports

The system understands that one set or intensity doesn’t work for all. Additionally, it believes that every person should work out to the best of their capabilities. This is because they will not over-train and they will recover faster for more exercise.

The method will dissuade individuals from walking away if they find the rigorous workouts overwhelming. Additionally, athletes can tailor the program to suit their requirements. As a result, they can achieve increased speed, more power, greater endurance, and higher performance.

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From The Supplement Police

Finally, those who adopt this system can expect to achieve powerful goals. For example, the program enables users to achieve speed, power, endurance, and better performance at the gym. With these benefits, users will be well on their way to impressive results.

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Let's have a look at some YouTube reviews:

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Whats next? Weirdly you can't sign up to McGregor FAST outside of the AppStores (which would save them some money for sure) but you can head over to each AppStore here depending on your mobile platform:

Apple iOS

Google PlayStore

The McGregor FAST shop is also well worth a look, we will be doing a review for the McGregor FAST MMA gloves as soon as we can get out hands on a pair.

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