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Options for MMA insurance

Hey everyone,

Thought I would drop some insurance details for MMA fighters and enthusiast here. If anyone knows of any really good insurance providers for MMA fighters then please drop them in the comments below.


Here’s What MMA Fighters Should Know About Getting Insured

Whether you enjoy mixed martial arts (MMA) as a hobby or fight semi-professionally, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind when you make it to the gym. You’re more focused on improving your skills and enjoying a productive training session. However, it is important for fighters to consider the potential financial implications of their hobby or career.

MMA is a particularly brutal form of fighting, as it allows for kicking and punching without boxing gloves. Anyone who participates in the sport could end up seriously hurt as a result of training or as a consequence of an arranged fight. Informing yourself about your insurance options as early on as possible is the best decision you could make to protect yourself and your family from the financial consequences of an injury.

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Fighters, just like individuals in any other occupation, need insurance. This does not mean that it is as easy to get insured if you are a fighter. Depending on the type of insurance, people in this profession can struggle to find a good insurance company willing to give them coverage because of the risk that comes with this profession. Due to this, most fighters do not bother to get insured.

Fighters can be prone to injuries, accidental deaths and this makes them very risky to insure. On the flip side, these are the very reasons that fighters should be covered.

The good news is, you will always find an insurer willing to take the risk. There are a couple of insurance companies that only deal with insuring fighters and with that guidance, you will be able to choose a suitable policy for yourself.

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 Zuffa Offering Insurance to Fighters and How It Furthers the Sport

On May 9, Zuffa announced that they were beginning to offer insurance policies for their fighters under contract for injuries that are sustained in either in-ring competition and also injuries that are suffered outside of the cage in training.

Houston insurance agency HCC Insurance Holdings has been contracted to provide the coverage. The policy, which goes into effect June 1, 2011, is the first of its kind that covers a large group of combat athletes and is the first for Zuffa.

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MMA Insurance Providers:

Why do I need MMA insurance?

Statistically, MMA (or mixed martial arts) is the contact sport with the highest level of injury, so it’s unthinkable for an MMA instructor to practice without the right insurance.

Insure4Sport offers bespoke MMA instructor insurance to protect you against injury, as well as the loss, theft and damage of your equipment. So if something outside your control happens when you’re in the ring, we’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

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Martial Arts Insurance for protection in and out of the ring

Martial arts are competitive sports covering a wide range of fighting disciplines, including taekwondo, judo and karate. Each requires a high degree of mental and physical stamina, along with strength and endurance to overcome your opponent. Due to the physical nature of these sports, injuries for fighters can be common, like lower back problems, neck injury, foot injury, head injury, broken bones and even concussion, all of which could mean time off work. Martial arts injury insurance is highly recommended, as this will help replace amateur fighters lost wages, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery, and not worrying about how they’re going to make their rent or mortgage payments. Martial arts club insurance can also be taken out to protect the club, its premises and officers, against all eventualities.

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MMA & Mixed Martial Arts Insurance

If you host a MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, or Wrestling tournament you may be required by your state, sanctioning body, and venue to carry specific insurance coverage.

Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA fighter insurance from Karate Insurance will provide your participants as well as the hosting venue with peace of mind. We highly recommend you contact these various entities to see exactly what they require.

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Insurance Coverage for MMA, kickboxing, boxing, and wrestling events

AIS offers Mixed Martial Arts Insurance for boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and MMA events. There are two stand-alone coverages available – Participant Accident and Event Liability.

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Insurance

The Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts insurance program provides protection for the Policyholder against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Both boxing and mixed martial arts are considered extremely physical sports, and as the individual or company that houses these events you must have the right coverage that will protect you against the numerous opportunities for injury.

Martial arts travel insurance

Martial arts training takes a lot of physical fitness and determination. But getting an InsureandGo travel insurance policy that includes cover for martial arts doesn’t.

From Reddit

Issue of fighting without health insurance

How does the UFC insurance work?

Reddit Logo How does the UFC insurance work?

How does the insurance work, the ufc pays a company for insurance, fighter gets injured and they cover the bill? I dont see how this is possible because it must cost a lot per fighter, why not rather pay out of pocket. How do the numbers work out?

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