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Last Minute Predictions: UFC Vegas 36

Today we've got a card featuring some of the top established and up-and-coming stars out of England. As awesome as this card would be if the UFC was able to hold it in Liverpool as they had originally planned, at least they it is still on for primetime in the UK.

Here are some last minute predictions for a great main card on our hands today.

Paddy Pimblett v. Luigi Vendramini

Being from the US, I don't have a wealth of knowledge on Paddy the Baddy. But listening to his interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour and on media day, it is tough not to like this guy. Nobody needs any reminders of another Cage Warriors champ who made waves in the UFC.

I have to admit that I know only sparingly more about Vendramini. He is an explosive striker, and fun to watch, which makes this fight a Can't-Miss matchup.

I'm drinking the English Kool-Aid today, give me The Baddy in the 1st.

Modestas Bukauskas v. Khalil Rountree

Both men are on two-fight losing streaks coming into this fight, and possibly fighting for their futures in the UFC.

This should be a classic fight between experienced strikers. Expect Rountree to try to utilize his Muay Thai and use the clinch against a slightly taller Bukauskas.

My pick: Rountree by Decision

Alex Morono v. David Zawada

To be honest, I haven't yet forgiven Morono for what he did to Donald Cerrone back in May. But in all seriousness, he is a very good fighter and is more of a veteran in the UFC than many people realize, having made his debut back 2016.

Zawada is 1-3 in his time in the UFC with two tough split decision losses. Both men are well balanced, so it will be interesting to see where this fight is taken.

My pick: Morono by KO/TKO in Round 2

Tom Aspinall v. Sergey Spivak

I usually have a rule to avoid picking against fighters from Eastern Europe, but this fight makes it difficult.

This should be a very interesting fight. Aspinall is 3-0 in the UFC and has been nothing short of dominant. The blast double he hit on Andre Arlovski turned me into a fan instantaneously, and showed that there is a ground game there.

Spivak is a well rounded fighter, he has a submission win over Tai Tuivasa and it would be fun to see Aspinall get tested on the ground. Personally, I think Aspinall is going to be able to avoid the takedowns and will put on another show.

My pick: Aspinall by KO/TKO in Round 3

Derek Brunson v. Darren Till

This is obviously a huge fight for the Middleweight division. If Israel Adesanya beats Robert Whittaker (whenever that fight finally gets announced) the division is going to need some new heat, and either one of these guys would be able to provide that.

Derek Brunson is as battle tested as you can get. Dating back to 2012, he has only lost to people named Souza, Romero, Silva, Whittaker or Adesanya. He is also about as well rounded as they come, and it will be very interesting to see what his strategy is coming into this fight.

Darren Till is a man that needs no introduction, and this card in many ways is built around him. He has a style of striking that makes him an interesting matchup for the current champ. With a win over Brunson he very likely will be the next call out by Izzy, or could set up a #1 Contender's fight against Jared Cannonier.

It will be very interesting to see if Brunson tries to wrestle Till the same way he did to Kevin Holland. Or, if he will be willing to stand and strike with Till, who has some of the cleanest striking in the UFC. This is a hard fight to pick, because I think it will truly come down to who shows up this afternoon.

My pick: Till by hard fought decision

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baueroller profile image
Baue Roller

Brunson tries to wrestle Till the same way he did to Kevin Holland.

You called it. Also agree - excited about Paddy, as with Till, still need a translator - I can’t understand these ‘scousers’ but I love em.

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

I find Till frustrating to watch, don’t get me wrong, he has huge potential but never seems to let it go, he is always feinting with his hands rather just letting it all go. Teddy Atlas has a great analogy on this and around collecting leafs. He piles them all up using his energy and then the wind just scatter them all again, basically he wastes so much energy twitching and feinting waiting for that big shot, it’s a wasted investment, it’s intense to watch because you are waiting for the big one to land, it must so exhausting in there.

Just let your hands go Darren Till, all the time, make those feints land as part of the bigger picture, I say this as a huge fan

lee profile image

Great write up! I can’t get my BT Sport working 🙈 i think i am going to miss it

izzystaijutsu profile image
Killian Jauch

What a horrible card for BT Sport to go down!

lee profile image


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