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Anyone watching Cobra Kai? It's brilliant!

me too!

Anyone watching Cobra Kai? It's brilliant!

I love what they have done with his character.

The Difference Between Freestyle And Greco-Roman Wrestling

Literally never heard of greco roman before. I thought it was...

UFC 257 Preview & Predictions!

I think it will be sooner than that, whoever wins takes it ea...

UFC 257 Preview & Predictions!


UFC 257 Preview & Predictions!

So excited for this, the build up so far has been so refreshi...

Should Edwards return his 3 pieces and soda?

👋🏼 Looking to tune into the Edwards fight in Dec? See what he...

Khabib is the best mma fighter

GSP for me, would’ve been Jones but too much controversy 🙈

Just short introduction

Hey 👋🏼 welcome!

20 Moves for Jiu Jitsu White Belts

So useful. Once you start, you are addicted to BJJ, although ...

Michael Chandler offers some great mindset advice

As much as I appreciate Michael Chandler, I do hope that he i...

Official UFC 254 Poster

Whoop whoop! Khabib takes this. Khabib retires undefeated. Kh...

I am an MMA athlete in the UFC. I am in the top 10 of my weight class, I am male and gay.

Hey there, if this is real then you are very brave for sharin...

Here are the UFC 2021 wild plans for Conor McGregor


Dana White talks plans with Conor McGregor for 2021

Those buttchin jokes on TUF22 were classic Conor McGregor

The science of weight cutting with George Lockhart

George Lockhart is a bloody genius. Wasn’t Tyson Fury’s first...

Useful MMA Training Apps for Lockdown

+1 for les mills online

Welcome Thread - v0

Holla x

Watch a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Exam

This looks really tough, no wonder it is to be celebrated so ...