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A match made in heaven

It seems that we are nearing the fourth fight of the Deiveson 'God of War' Figueiredo and Brandon 'Baby Assassin' Moreno. I have said on multiple occasions that if these two fought 20 times, I would watch 20 times. Every time these two are in the octagon together it is a masterpiece whether tensions are boiling or it is friendly, it is always a war. Undoubtedly two of the three best flyweights in the world, the third being Kai Kara-France. The division could be just the three of them and it would still be one of the most exciting divisions in the UFC.

With the 3 fights basically being equal (1 no contest, 1 win, and 1 loss) for each fighter, the fourth meeting will settle all disputes of who is better. Figureido could have 'turned heel' as they say in the world of professional wrestling, after the interim title fight between Moreno and Kara-France. Instead, the 'God of War' came in the octagon after the fight and exchanged respect with Moreno. The two are set to unify the flyweight gold towards the end of the year and it is destined to be a banger. Both fighters are so technically sound and matchup so well, it is no wonder why they are still neck and neck after three fights.
I cannot wait until these two meet in the octagon for the fourth time, my heart leans toward Moreno, but my brain leans toward Figueiredo.

Who do you have in the 4th meeting?

Written by Joe Gee

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I have said on multiple occasions that if these two fought 20 times, I would watch 20 times.

I can't disagree with that bro. They are made to compete against each other. It was a close fight in my view last time, I think Moreno's going to take it this time, and they maybe, we get another 🎉

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