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Tony Ferguson returns to welterweight

Amid the recurring theme of UFC legends getting fed to up and coming dominators. (Diaz vs. Chimaev or the possible Wonderboy vs. Shavkat) It’s good to see the promotion giving Tony Ferguson a fight with someone like Li Jingliang at UFC 279. The Leech is not an easy mountain to climb, especially for a 37 year old El Cucuy, but it is not an insurmountable feat.

I think the move up could help Ferguson’s durability. More weight, more strength, and not near as tough a weight-cut.
As we saw in the first round of the Chandler/Ferguson fight, Tony has not lost his technicality or his incomparable style. He gave Chandler real problems in the first round and looked like the boogeyman we all know and love, had he not gotten caught by a second round front kick there is no telling how the fight goes—but that’s why we love the sport.

Li Jingliang is a strong welterweight. He is always circling the rankings but he has not seemed a top-tier fighter. He sits now at #14 at 170, which is a big one for Ferguson if he is looking to stay at welterweight after. I think Tony matches up well with Jingliang and am hoping for a win for the UFC legend.
But, time waits for no man. His time may very well have passed.

Written by Joe Gee

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gerryblake profile image

Am pretty pumped for this.. Why do you think he is competing at 170?

lee profile image

Tony Ferguson won TUF on 170. Maybe he also bored for the 155 division, he's been there forever and has pretty much fought most of the roster worth fighting. Also, maybe it's good advice from his new team over at Jackson Wink 🤷

Either way, I love Ferguson and looking forward to watching this. OG of the sport

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