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UFC as of late

A lot has been happening in the UFC here lately. Jiri had to vacate the LHW title. Conor McGregor has reportedly re-entered the USADA pool. Kevin Holland and Wonderboy put on a banger of a fight. Paddy the Baddy and Dana White put Ariel Helwani on blast.

Jiri is now facing a year out of the octagon because of his surgery. Glover did not want to take an Ankalaev fight on short notice (can't say I blame him). Therefore, Ankalaev and Jan will duke it out for the 205 belt. I expect a good fight but I am excited for Glover to get his last run at the title.

Conor re-entering the pool just brings discussion of who his next fight will be. After UFC Orlando, I think a fight with Rafael Dos Anjos makes a lot of sense now that Conor is likely moving to 170 and the highly-anticipated bout got canceled some years ago. Conor is still an elite fighter, regardless of what casuals say about him. RDA has done some special things in his last couple of fights as well, it's a great matchup for both.

Now, to the Holland/Wonderboy fight. I thought the fight was really fun and probably would've been different had Holland not broke his hand early on. I still believe Wonderboy wins in a strikving fight--not just against Holland, but nearly anyone in the UFC. Holland is an amazing fighter but his pride got in the way at UFC Orlando. As a fan, I love it. He wanted to conquer Wonderboy in his domain and for that he gained a lot of respect from me. As a coach, I would have been pissed! He got Wonderboy into a dominant position a couple of times and easily could've gone into his guard or mounted him. Instead he decided to stand up each time the fight went to the ground and he paid the price for it. It is a fight I will definitely watch back multiple times, it was an all-time classic.

As far as Ariel Helwani goes, what do you guys think about Paddy's comments?

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As far as Ariel Helwani goes, what do you guys think about Paddy's comments?

This Paddy and Ariel thing... seriously 🤦‍♂️ I get the impression that Paddy isn't the sharpest tool in the box and should avoid fight politics and stick to winning.