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Fascinating Wai Kru Muay Thai Movement

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What is the dance that Muay Thai (Thai Boxers) perform before a fight?

If you don't know Muay Thai, then you will have no idea what 'Wai Kru' means.

It is a pre-fight ritual that you will see in every Muay Thai contest, it is deeply spiritual, a traditional ritual that gives a special charm and complete distinction to Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).

The pre-fight ritual is performed according to the old 'habit'. The Muay Thai fighter salutes the public with a gracious bow and a flowing sweep to the hands to the head.

After paying homage to his trainers and coaches, the Muay Thai fighter then performs a series of slow-motion movements similar to dancing which symbolises Muay Thai.

'Wai Kru' means 'getting rid of fear from the heart' the primary purpose being to bring concentration for the Muay Thai fighter.

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jonoramseed Author

It is facinating and beautiful all at the same time