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How to Perform Khabib's UFC 254 Triangle

In the above YouTube video BJJ Professor Lukas Leasure of Stronghold MMA provides an extensive demonstration and overview on how to perform the triangle submission that Khabib Nurmagomedov used to submit Justin Gaethje and UFC 254 on Fight Island.

Easier to perform on a willing partner obviously, but also let's not forget that Khabib moved to this submission after he got in position for an armbar but decided against that as he didn't want to cause significant damage to Gaethje who had stated all week that he wouldn't tap out.

With Gaethje's parents watching in person, Khabib decided to put Justin to sleep.


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jonaramseed3 profile image

grest video, although Khabib did this under extreme circumstances, still really nice to see it explained

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