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MMA, how to cut weight.

There is no doubt that the worst part of fight camp, is the weight cut.

Weight Cutting. Can I Lose 10% Of My Body Weight Overnight? Is a great mini documentary release by the BBC that is now on Youtube. Have a look below:

One of the biggest stars of the UFC is Conor McGregor. Before he joined the UFC he was the featherweight and lightweight champion for another promotion (Cage Warriors). When he finally got to the UFC, his coach had hoped it would have been in the lightweight division, instead them came back with the featherweight division. Watching Conor cut weight down to 145 is awful, he actually looks like a skeleton but the advantages in terms of size and power really played out as he destroyed the division.

Here is his personal cook Phil Daru explaining how the did it, safely:

Next up we have Kevin Lee from the UFC lightweight division explaining to Joe Rogan what it's like for a professional MMA fighter to cut weight:

Now on to Cris Cyborg, this is a short video of a horrendous weight cut she completed in 2016 whilst still with the UFC.

And lastly another video on cutting weight safely from Fight Camp Conditioning

If you are a casual fan of MMA, this will make you appreciate what these athletes go through for that size advantage the day before a fight, it is the stupidest thing ever but I can't see it going anywhere whilst the mentality is that the person who can cut the most weight, will likely come into the Octagon the day after, the bigger competitor.


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Baue Roller

Looks awful but understand the advantage.