Cover image for Official UFC 254 Poster

Official UFC 254 Poster

jonaramseed3 profile image jonoramseed ・1 min read

This is one of the best posters I have seen so far. Can't wait for this one, the build-up has been so respectful, like 2 proper martial artists.

I do think Justin Gaethje is at his most dangerous without the crowd as he displayed during his last bout with Tony Ferguson, where he was disciplined, patient and could hear and did listen to his corner.

justin gaethje ufc 254

I am a big fan of both these guys. Let me know who you have got in the comments below, and check out this worthy poster, hats of to whoever at the UFC came up with this one!



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Whoop whoop! Khabib takes this. Khabib retires undefeated. Khabib becomes the biggest legend of the sport with a final bout against GSP


Here we go!!!!! I actually prefer Buffer’s announcing with no audience - and the sound inside the octagon is incredible during the bouts


Both are absolute role models in this sport, wish Justin would lay off the tweets to Conor, but yeah agreed 🦹🏻‍♀️