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The art of the Sword. What is KENJUTSU?

Like Shotokan,

Kenjutsu is yet another of the popular martial arts that originated in Japan. Apparently it first appeared in the 15th century as a means of military training for the Samurai class. Sometime after that is was incorporated into the Japanese Ninja culture.

Kenjutsu means "the method of" or "the technique of" the sword. It basically means battling with swords, and the weapon of choice used is the Katana, wooden bokkens can also be used to reduce the chances of injury.

Most schools will train with a bamboo sword covered in leather (this is called a fukuro shinai) so there is little chance of a trained ninja cutting your hand off!

Practicing Kenjutsu alone can become a way of self-improvement and overall physical development as swinging a heavy sword around can increase body strength and flexibility.

An expert in Kenjutsu is a 'Kenjutsuka' and it takes years to hit this level of status.

Kenjutsu can be applied to everyday life, including coordination and balance, discipline, and self-confidence.

Watch the YouTube video above from Instituto Niten

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