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Fighter Showcase - Morgan "The Last Pirate" Charriere

With the recent news of former Cage Warriors featherweight champion Morgan Charriere signing a multi-fight deal with the promotion and an upcoming bout against Alberth Dias (5-3 MMA, 0-0 CW) announced for Cage Warriors 144 in Rome, Italy, a fair amount of speculation on how the Frenchman will look inside the cage after over of year outside of competition.

The former Cage Warriors featherweight champion is a name that most casual fans are not aware of. With the recent boom of MMA for the country of France with fighters like Ciryl Gane and Nassourdine Immaov as well as the surge of the Ares FC fight promotion, Charriere can soon become one of the top fixtures of French MMA and potentially MMA as a whole.

When you see a fighter with a 15-9-1 record, most of the time you wouldn't try to bat an eye, he has traded wins and losses for a good portion of his career but at only 26 years of age and fighting the highest quality of competition, including current KSW featherweight champion Salahdine Parnasse, former Cage Warriors featherweight champion now Bellator contender Soren Bak and both fighters in the Cage Warriors featherweight champion unification bout Paul Hughes and Jordan Vucenic in very close decisions. Charriere's career has been defined by him going through the fire when it comes down to opponent and helped build a name for himself in the world of MMA. With a plethora of fans among all platforms of social media from Instagram to Youtube and even Twitch and Tiktok. Outside of fighting, he holds his own clothing brand and personalized website with detail workouts including his own equipment sold on Amazon. Outside of the massive fanbase, what about "The Last Pirate" makes him so dangerous and special inside the cage.

Charriere holds an excellent ability to finish fights, with 11 of his 16 wins coming inside of the distance. He is the prototype of an all around fighter, dynamic when on the feet with his strong kicks and rock solid offensive and defensive boxing and while in grappling exchanges with his slick back takes and submission threat. He very much enjoys the jab overhand right or double jab overhand right combination which saw Dean Trueman succumb to at Cage Warriors 109 on route to a Cage Warriors featherweight title win in his next fight. The boxing skill on Charriere helps him dictate the kicking range, usually blast lead leg kicks or body kicks but is known to be unorthodox with his kicks at time, his footwork and head movement to avoid looping shots allow him to be successful on the feet.

Charriere's strongest asset happens to be his cardio, which helps him throw at an output that carries evenly throughout his fights. His grappling is not something to ignore however, his skillset provides plenty of opportunities to flip fights on a dime with his double leg and solid ground control when the stand-up is not necessarily going his way.

His most beautiful performance is the biggest one of his career against Perry Andre Goodwin at Cage Warriors 119 back in December of 2020. Charriere showcased excellent cage awareness and a complete package of the mixed martial artists, utilizing low kicks early and often to slow the movement down of Goodwin and eventually putting the pressure on him, backing him to the fence and finding the money shot in round 3, a massive lead left hook to the body.

From being surgical to fighting in barnburners, Charriere can do it all and with many years in this sport ahead of him, "The Last Pirate" can trailblaze himself as one of the biggest names in French MMA history.

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Anir Bularee

Currently free on YouTube for anyone interested.

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Nice first post! Congrats, welcome to This MMA Life 👊