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Cover image for Anyone watching Cobra Kai? It's brilliant!

Anyone watching Cobra Kai? It's brilliant!

lee profile image Lee ・Updated on ・1 min read

I was a massive Karate Kid fan in the 80s so when I saw Cobra Kai on Netflix I was thinking I'd give it a miss, it seemed a bit corny.

After a few discussions with friends though, and after watching a few episodes from season one, I have quickly converted and started on series 1 of Cobra Kai, now I can't wait for season 4.

I think what struck me the most was the references to the 80s, all the old characters getting back together again and it also felt a little bit like Stranger Things.

I can't wait to until season 4 of Cobra Kai hits Netflix.

cobra kai season 4

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markb2201 profile image
mark blanchard

I binge watched Season 3 last week. No regrets. Loved every season. Personal highlight was Johnny getting to grips with "the Facebook".

lee profile image
Lee Author

Yeah, brilliant - didn’t think I’d enjoy this so much, even with the karate on display 😂

jaynie_ramirez_fb profile image
Jaynie Ramirez

I love what they have done with his character.

amyfaithamy profile image

Yup, binge watched all of it!!

jaynie_ramirez_fb profile image