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Best Octagon Walkout Thread

lee profile image Lee ・Updated on ・3 min read

Hey, This MMA Life community!

There is nothing more inspiring for an up and coming athlete to witness an octagon walkout at a live event and then to visualize themselves being there, so I have kick-started this thread to list the best athlete walkouts in any promotion so if you think there is something missing, let us know in the comments!

Tony Ferguson, The Party has Just Begun

El Cucuy's spine-tingling walkout at UFC 216 where he lifted the UFC Light Weight interim belt from Kevin Lee who at the time was trailblazing his own path in the UFC rankings. Amazing walkout music just hits the spot. Ladies and gentlemen, the party has just begun....

Watch Tony Ferguson's old skool octagon walkout here:

Listen to Tony Ferguson's old skool octagon walkout music here:

Darren Till, Sweet Caroline

Darren Till said that he had a surprise for the local fans with his original walkout at UFC Liverpool, and he did not disappoint as the Echo Arena was rocking as everyone sang along to 'Sweet Caroline'. An amazing walkout track, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up

Watch Darren Till's spine-tingling octagon walkout here:

Listen to Darren Till's octagon walkout music here:

Conor McGregor, The Foggy Dew

Flashback to Conor McGregor's iconic walkout at UFC 189 where Sinead O'Connor sang 'The Foggy Dew' live in Las Vegas. Typically you'll the this before a Notorious BIG track, both get the arena going into a frenzy.

Watch Conor McGregor's iconic octagon walkout here:

Listen to Conor McGregor's iconic octagon walkout music here:

Michael Bisping, Song 2

UFC Hall of famer and UK pioneer Michael Bisping never fails to get the whole arena rocking with Blur's Song 2, and an absolute classic from London.

Watch Michael Bisping's famous octagon walkout here:

Listen to Michael Bisping's famous octagon walkout music here:

Colby Covington

Colby Covington has spent a good portion of his career formulating a character that has turned out to be one of the biggest villains in the UFC, love or loath him, if you know your MMA at least you'll have an opinion on him!

His UFC main event welterweight clash against Robbie Lawler, Colby Covington walked out to the octagon with Kurt Angle's famous 'You Suck' walkout track and whoa did the crowd get involved, this was the first time he used 'You Suck' and after years of creating his villain character, it finally paid off.

Watch Colby Covington's Octagon walkout here:

Georges St-Pierre

The UFC 83 card was headlined by UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre in a match to unify the Welterweight championship. It was a rematch from their fight at UFC 69, which Serra had previously won. St-Pierre cited personal issues for the loss. He said that his father was seriously ill, and that his 17-year-old cousin had died in a car accident around the time of the first fight.

Watch Georges St-Pierre's amazing UFC 83 walkout here.

Reddit Logo GSP's UFC 83 Hyped Entrance


Listen to Georges St-Pierre's famous UFC 83 octagon walkout music here:

Is your favourite walkout missing? Help us keep adding to the list, we are always on the lookout for the best octagon walkouts in history and we need your help to add them.

Leave a comment below and we will get it added.

Discussion (5)

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taliashaw_962 profile image
Talia Shaw

What a watch. Darren Till’s is my fav there for sure. GSP needs to be in there for sure, and Nate Diaz

harryconah5 profile image

I think I like Bispings the best. One you are missing. Khabib. For sure. Especially when he fought Conor McGregor.

ericstenam2 profile image

C'mon - Ronda Rousey with Bad Reputation is iconic. Every damn one of em

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

Colby Covington against Rafael dos Anjos, song was "you suck" epic walkout, even the crowd shout it out.

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

Aisling Daly, UFC Fight Night 130 – walkout song was Zombie