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Has anyone had a staph infection? If so, what's it like?

Curious as I see that some UFC fighters have staph infections and still fight, others seem to need time off to recover.

A staphylococcal infection or staph infection is an infection caused by members of the Staphylococcus genus of bacteria.

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I don't know that many UFC fighters that have had an staph infection and continued to fight do you? (That have actually said it on record).

I know a few people who have had one and it ranges, all very ill though.

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Anir Bularee

Ripped from the Internet, you can get a staph infection through:

  • Frequent skin-to-skin contact when training.
  • Training with compromised skin.
  • Training on contaminated items and surfaces (dirty mats)
  • General lack of cleanliness (spreading of germs on dirty mats and skin-to-skin contact)

Always wear a rash guard/vest 😅

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Lee Author

Yeah I hear a lot of talk about mats being clean. I'd now more myself if I got myself into BJJ 😂

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How do you get a staph infection? From the mats?