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Is it make or break for 'The Prospect' Nathaniel Wood?

Nathaniel Wood is on the prelims at the next UFC (London)

Watching ‘The Prospect’ win world titles during his Cage Warriors phase, I was expecting a quick run up to a title bout with some dominant wins. However, for whatever reason, that’s not been the case and I feel like part of it is down to just bad luck.

He has the skills, the motivation, the background and the tools to be up there in the top 3.

From memory his 2 losses in the UFC have been on end of poor judgment, and he needs to find something else to project himself into the title picture and Charles Rosa isn’t an easy fight.

What is it? What’s he missing at this level to get a couple of stand out wins under his belt? He's definitely highlight reel and good promotional material.


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hannahwoking1 profile image

I love Nathaniel but it seems like he has a bit if a mountain to climb, he needs some highlights and KOs now, not just wins - they need to be convincing, he needs to send a message.

Doubt that will happen tonight. Hopefully he’ll get the win but not an explosive KO against Rosa

lee profile image

I think Nathaniel Wood looked sensational last night. What a performance, just what he needed.

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

I wasn't confident initially, but from what I saw he thoroughly enjoyed himself which is always a good sign. Back on track, I think they give him something big next time