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It's Technique Tuesday #4 🛠 UFC 282 Edition! Let's take a look at Jan Błachowicz's low kicks

Magomed Ankalaev's calves were a mess on Saturday night. For the first 3 rounds Jan Błachowicz destroyed them.

Jan Błachowicz low kicks

So what type of low kicks did Jan Błachowicz use?

Every leg kick by Jan Blachowicz to Magomed Ankalaev that hurt him

Primarily the most destructive (IMO) were the inside low kicks (combined with the outside calf kicks). I wonder if Jan wore those ankle supports because he knew he would be dishing lots of those out? 🤔

I'd say these came out of his Muay Thai training. Let's take a look at UFC fighter Brad Riddell covering 3 types of low kicks

  • Dutch style
  • Muay Thai
  • Defensive

Here's differences between them, when to use them, how to practice them along with some examples. Try to use all three kicks next time you spar.

3 Types of Low Kicks & When to Use Them

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