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It's Technique Tuesday #2 🛠 Let's Pay Homage to Sandhagen's and Masvidal's Flying Knees!

Hey MMA fanatics, following in from the weekends UFC event that featured Sandhagen v Song (more on that here)

And here's the post fight discussion thread!

This week we are dedicating this technique Tuesday to the flying knee!

Cory Sandhagen Flying Knee

So where did the flying knee originate from?

Well Wikipedia rightly states that the flying knee originates from Muay Thai and is sometimes called the jumping knee.

A knee strike is a strike with the knee, either with the kneecap or the surrounding area. Kneeing is a disallowed practice in many combat sports, especially to the head of a downed opponent. Styles such as kickboxing and several mixed martial arts organizations allow kneeing depending on the positioning of the fighters. Knee strikes are native to the traditional Southeast Asian martial arts and traditional Okinawan martial arts.

The flying knee sounds difficult to pull off but there have been many fights in the UFC that have ended with a flying knee KO. Here's a cracking compilation of all the flying knee KOs in the UFC and guess who is featured first, yep it's Cory Sandhagen.

BJPenn is also on there, Barboza and Romero deliver theirs beautifully but there's one flying knee that will never be forgotten.

Ben Askren v Jose Masvidal

Yep that's the fastest KO in UFC History!! If you have any tutorials or tips on flying knees then drop them in the comments below, would love to see them.

Here are some of the best tutorials from YouTube

Flying Knees: 3 Strategies & Set-Ups for the KO


 How to Set Up the Flying Knee Technique | MMA Fighting

Buakaw teach fly knee techniques

If you need to know when the next UFC is, all those details are here.

Top comments (3)

ogaddmma profile image
Ollie Gadd

Sandhagen's knees are brilliant, allowing people to pressure into him and springing upwards rather than forwards. Gets the power he needs to seriously damage them and it punishes them for trying to pressure him

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

allowing people to pressure into him and springing upwards rather than forwards..

I don't think he gets enough credit for this, it's a very underated technique, sometimes I don't even think he opponents prepare for it. It's glorious to watch, springs out of nowhere, almost animal like.

I listened to him talking to Ariel, I liked how he took a whole year out to switch up some of his game, seems very spiritual too and has done a signifigant amount of self reflection.

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

Sandhagen's knees are brilliant

Couldn't agree with you more. He technique is off the charts, fast, upwards, catches everyone off guard. Text book but better.

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