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Miesha Tate is on the Ortega vs Rodriguez card. Anyone think she has a chance against Shevchenko?

Miesha Tate vs Lauren Murphy is the first fight on the main card for the next UFC event ๐Ÿ‘‡.

Miesha recently appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel where (despite losing to Marion Reneau in her last outing) she responded to a call out from the Bullet herself.

For context, Shevchenko was on the lucky end of a poor decision recently against Santos where she explicitly called out Tate as her next opponent.

In the interview with Ariel, she went on to explain that Santos had revealed the blueprint to defeat Shevchenko to the whole division and that she would demonstrate this when they meet (if she getโ€™s passed Murphy who is tough as hell).

Did anyone else see this blueprint? What does Miesha need to do to win that fight?

Podcast for relevance:

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gerryblake profile image

Am not sure watching Shevchenko in one bum fight means that Miesha has the upper hand. Itโ€™s good promo though, Iโ€™d watch it - I really like Miesha.

louisingro profile image

I like Miesha I do, but I think she may even struggle in this fight against Murphy this weekend, she needs to put a lot more wins together before she gets that Shevchenko fight.

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