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My quick picks. Bellator 269: Fedor Emelianenko v Tim Johnson

This Sat we have the heavyweight GOAT back in play (Fedor Emelianenko), so wish we had seen him in the UFC.. Never-mind eh, at least we see him at Bellator 269!

Odds are even at the moment at -110 for each athlete.

Johnson is a great former UFC athlete, he is no pushover and had a 3 fight win streak before concluding his relationship with the UFC brass. Emelianenko "The Last Emperor" < such a cool name.. is no spring chicken at 45 years old and is coming off a knockout win over Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in 2019.

There is always a danger that The Last Emperor gets clocked by Johnson, but I think Emelianenko will take him down without too much effort and then ground & pound the win with a TKO in round 2.

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Anir Bularee

Still love Emelianenko, sorta glad he didn’t choose to fight in the UFC

Next UFC

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