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Opinion: Kamaru Usman overthrows Georges St-Pierre as the best welterweight of all time

Lee Wynne
Life long Martial Artist and BJJ Wannabe. I like to think I am a good all-rounder (but my ground game is non-existent).
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Over the past couple of years I have witnesses the rise of greatness from Kamaru Usman who brings a whole new level of professionalism, consistency and dominance to the ranks of UFC royalty.

Long has he been frustrated with the amount of respect shown to the Usman brand, sometimes that comes with the true martial artists approach to competition in the UFC in an era where casual fans want the circus that more PR conscious fighters bring to the party.

Those in the know, know. Dana White knows, the colour commentator team know, Joe Rogan called it years ago, Kamaru Usman’s dominance in the UFC’s welterweight division is just getting started, and he will be dominating the division for a long time to come.

Fresh from watching UFC 258 early this morning, where Kamaru Usman dominated his so called toughest opponent to date, Gilbert Burns I am now of the understanding that Usman is on the way to building a master piece, not the one Conor promised on the back of an entertaining build up to UFC 257, but a masterpiece build on the true foundations of a martial artist.

Usman took Burn’s soul with that jack hammer jab, honed to perfection through guidance of Trevor Whitman.

Usman had Joe Rogan in tears during his post fight interview, that should give you an indication of how much respect Joe Rogan has for Kamaru Usman.

It’s been a long time coming but it looks like Kamaru Usman will be finally getting the respect he deserves through the more casual fan base as time goes on.

In terms of title defences, I believe he is just getting started, and by standing on the shoulders of giants, he’ll be over throwing their status as the most dominant UFC welterweight of all time, if not the GOAT of MMA.

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mark blanchard

Where do you think he sits in the pind for pound discussion? He is currently 5th (4th if you discount Khabib due to retirement). Is this rihht or does he sit above Jones, Izzy or Stipe?

lee profile image
Lee Wynne Author

For me it’s #1 Jones, #2 Khabib with Kamaru Usman at a very close 3. How does that sound? 😎

baulker profile image

Not what I expected. I thought this would go Usman’s way in the later rounds. Solid performance by Kamaru.

baulker profile image

I agree btw. He over throws GSP