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Philanthropist Dustin Poirier offers some positive mental health strategies

We have a glimpse into the mindset of one very talented mixed martial arts athlete thanks to his recent appearance on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show.

Dustin has always been known for his 'Stay hydrated' reminders and comes across as a very positive individual and role model on social media.

But he also gave us a snapshot of what goes on inside his head which gives us an indication of how he has managed to transform himself into a role model and philanthropist from what began as a rocky start (as detailed in the documentary Fightville, btw Dustin is a savage in it). Have a listen here, it starts at about 29 minutes in.

play pause DC & RC MMA Show

"Stay hydrated, stay optimistic, smile more and don't talk to yourself like that. These are some of the things I say to myself every day". When asked by Helwani what he means, Dustin goes on to say "the subconscious, the voice inside the head, I use those phrases to get rid of any negativity when it pops up."

Dustin is basically telling you that if someone spoke to you in the way that you subconsciously speak to yourself, you'd probably ask them not to speak to you like that, or if they did the same to someone you care deeply about, you would defend them right? So why not do the same for yourself, next time you hear that little voice inside your head, calling you names, putting you down say "Hey - don't talk to yourself like that".

As a philanthropist, Dustin founded The Good Fight with his childhood sweetheart (and now wife) Jolie, it started with simply seeing the value in their UFC memorabilia, and then offering it up for auction to raise money to help give back to his home town of Louisiana. Since then, the charity has evolved significantly, to the point where corporations have adopted it as their official charity.

Purchased 43.21 acres of land for solar-powered water wells as well as several wells (dug out by hand) to create a more self-sustainable living environment for the Batwa Pygmy Tribe

The Good Fight has now contributed towards projects and good causes on a global scale, making a global impact. When I look back at Dustin in the MMA documentary Fightville, it couldn't have imagined him turning into the man he is today. Incredible.

Dustin also won the Inaugural 'Forrest Griffin Community Award' for his charity work.

If Dustin Poirer and Conor McGregor get to compete in January for the UFC, then Dustin is aiming to leverage a generous donation from McGregor Sports and Entertainment to build a gym in his home town to offer the kids the same opportunity he had but to hold them to account, come train, but get good grades, there is a transaction of goodness there, just like The Good Fight.

Nice one Justin, amazing role model for any up and coming kid wanting to get into MMA, stay hydrated man πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§

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We need more people like Dustin in MMA.

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