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The Wimp 2 Warrior experience that unlocks the lurking human potential that you always knew you had ๐Ÿ‘Š

Wimp 2 Warrior is a once in a lifetime human transformation experience that immerses you into the world of mixed martial arts, increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, grit, persistence and tenacity. It finally unlocks that human potential that you always knew you had but was lurking under the many layers of social conditioning and self-doubt.

Through martial arts training, conditioning, coaching and leadership you will awaken a dormant part of your inner self that you never thought existed.

wimp 2 warrior getting started

So what is Wimp 2 Warrior, and how do you get started? Let's start with a few YouTube introductions to wet the appetite..

How do you know itโ€™s for you? Trust me, after looking at all the YouTube and social content, Wimp 2 Warrior is an accessible program for everyone from all walks of life (no MMA experience needed), the whole experience looks incredibly social and focused on community, with a team helping you to overcome your inner fears and insecurities in all situations.

Do many females register for Wimp 2 Warrior? Yes, loads of them, and the more the better, physical abuse against women continues to soar, any protection from abuse through martial arts training, no matter how small, can save a life. It isn't about size, it never has been - google Royce Gracie in UFC 1 if you don't believe it.

wimp to warrior for women

So how do I get started?

Booking an intro class:

Head over to wimp 2 warrior and select 'book an intro class'

Class Location

You'll get a list of current locations (this will grow over time as more and more MMA gyms come aboard):

wimp 2 warrior locations gyms

I am going to choose England > London, Iโ€™ll select the Diesel Gym at Canary Wharf

wimp 2 warrior gyms london

Registering for a free Wimp 2 Warrior introduction class

Next up I input some details by choosing a free introduction class, I get a choice of dates to select during the process.

wimp 2 warrior london classes

I hit submit and wait for confirmation

wimp 2 warrior program nervous

Alternatively, if I feel like speaking to someone to overcome a bit of uncertainty then I can do that also by selecting 'choose a time to book a phone call'

wimp 2 warrior registration

All I need to do is pass on my contact details and away we go.

Home much does it cost?

So, you've made a commitment to yourself, looking to go from wimp 2 warrior, all the way baby! Whilst you are waiting for a confirmation on your free introduction or phone call, let's checkout the pricing and what's included:

What's included

Investing in yourself can sometimes be difficult to quantify, Wimp 2 Warrior is a 20 week training camp and seems incredibly high value, it includes:

100 personalised mixed martial arts training sessions.

Yes, 100 sessions with top ranked coaches driven by a passionate leadership team. Phew that's a lot! ๐Ÿ˜…

These lessons include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning and more

Premium MMA training equipment

In the first few weeks you will receive your 16oz gloves and hand wraps followed soon after by your 8oz gloves and shin guards once sizing is complete.

Nutrition Book

To give you all the information you need to gain energy, increase strength, lose fat and achieve peak physical condition

2 x items from wimp 2 warrior premium uniform range

To give you the professional fighter aesthetic for your training sessions and the W2W finale

Access to an exclusive wimp 2 warrior community and support group

To give you 24/7 access to your coaches who will answer any queries on training, nutrition, and performance


Personally I feel that the true value comes with what you'll do after the training program... likely your investment will run for life, youโ€™ll make new friends, join a new community, youโ€™ll make a deal with yourself, you wonโ€™t be the same person you were before, youโ€™ll grow exponentially.

Here is the cost in GBP (there is a discount for up front payment)

wimp 2 warrior cost

Noteable people involved in Wimp 2 Warrior are:

Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko adds Wimp 2 Warrior brand ambassador to her extensive MMA portfolio to go along with her work at the UFC as a correspondent. Laura Sanko has become a household name as part of the UFC broadcast team.

John Kavanagh

John Raymond Kavanagh is a successful and highly respected Ireland based martial arts coach, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner (the 1st blackbelt in Ireland) and former professional mixed martial artist.

Nick Langton (Co-Founder & CEO)

Richie Cranny (Co-Founder % CEO)

If you have already been involved in a Wimp 2 Warrior program, we would love to get your comments on how it went, feel free to share them below.

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rubixjackson profile image
rubix jackson

Never even knew this existed, looks big in Oz and Ireland. Didn't they recently get a significant amount of investment?

hannahwoking1 profile image

Yeah 7.5m or something like that, I hope they start to do this digitally, I'd love to be able to gain access to this sort of training both remotely and in the gym.

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

Agreed, like the branding, more basic martial arts training for noobs the better, I am not sure how they would get the same excitement across with the final event when training remote though, getting in the octagon after the program is one of the biggest highlights.

lee profile image

Yeah they have also invested in a CTO etc, all looks really exciting.

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