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Tony Robbins interviews Conor McGregor. Full video now available ๐Ÿš€

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About a year ago, Tony Robbins interview Conor McGregor at his Fiji retreat. At the time only the audio was released but this week the full video has been released for everyone to view.

conor mcgregor and tony robbins chat about his amazing growth

Whether you are a Conor McGregor fan or not it is well worth a watch, his energy, positivity, passion, obsessive personality is on full show here and it must have been a surreal experience for Conor McGregor to be interview by Tony Robbins of all people.

Tony was actually in the Octagon on the night that Conor McGregor beat Cowboy Cerrone in his last appearance for the UFC.

Anyway, it is about an hour and 50 minutes, but again well worth a watch if you want some inspiration. Look below the video for show notes ๐Ÿ‘€

Show notes ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

[03:13] Early days as a plumberโ€™s apprentice
[03:45] Conorโ€™s work ethic and passion
[04:15] Passion for fighting and whiskey
[05:07] Use power to lead, not boss
[05:30] The hard-working town of Dublin 12
[06:02] Desire to break the mold
[06:33] Transition from plumber to fighter
[07:03] The desire for something better
[07:25] An Irishman in the UFC
[07:59] The formula for creating success
[08:33] McGregors are warriors
[08:53] The law of attraction
[09:24] Visualize, see, tell
[10:35] Importance of being โ€œall-inโ€
[11:10] First visions of selling out soccer arenas
[12:00] The power of internal dialogue
[12:28] Learning is daily
[12:52] Conorโ€™s morning ritual
[13:22] Bringing the game to Ireland
[14:13] Relationship with the UFC
[14:44] Ireland on the UFC belt
[15:07] Importance of physical fitness
[15:54] The one trait of the successful
[16:14] Lebronโ€™s health team
[16:43] Why you canโ€™t be half way in
[17:15] Conorโ€™s thank you to Tony
[17:35] Influence of Muhammed Ali
[18:09] Trash talking
[18:58] Why Conor got into combat sports
[19:20] Why the tough guys arenโ€™t tough anymore
[19:57] Wits beat toughness
[20:13] Trash talking as psychological warfare
[21:00] Making Jose Aldo a champion
[21:17] The fight game is psychological
[21:41] When visualizations come true
[22:06] Conorโ€™s love of fashion
[22:44] Where the love for money began
[23:10] The August McGregor clothing line
[24:00] Most significant fight moment
[24:57] Conorโ€™s blessing and curse
[25:38] The last fight with Khabib
[26:12] This errors in the Khabib fight
[26:51] The fight after the fight
[27:20] Focus on defense
[28:01] Training with other wrestlers
[28:25] Letting the external infiltrate the internal
[29:03] The boxing fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.
[29:52] Convincing Floyd to fight
[30:34] Preparing for the fight
[31:00] The Mexican boxing style
[31:36] Will there be a rematch?
[32:00] Training and creating stamina
[32:35] The McGregor FAST program
[33:15] Lack of commitment is an insult
[33:54] Have to be willing to die
[34:40] The sport of gladiators
[35:18] What really happened after the Khabib fight
[35:51] Being humble in victory and defeat
[36:15] Khabibโ€™s brother joins the fight
[37:00] Mindset during the brawl
[38:00] The afterfight โ€“ the โ€œrealโ€ fight
[38:43] Conorโ€™s Irish Whiskey, Proper 12
[39:14] The pride in Irish Whiskey
[39:51] Taking on Jameson, the King of Irish Whiskey
[40:20] Entering the whiskey business
[40:42] Decision not to do an endorsement
[41:00] The Dublin 12 whiskey making process
[41:40] Work with childrenโ€™s hospitals
[42:20] Work with homeless, maternity hospitals
[42:45] Donations to first-responders
[43:43] Being rewarded in public for what you do in private
[44:20] Giving time vs. money
[45:07] Developing discipline
[45:33] The power of hard work

Top comments (7)

lizaferreon profile image

I don't think Conor McGregor has retired, how could he with that much passion for the game from only a short while ago. It is contract negotiations with the UFC or they have told him to say that so there is no pressure for them to offer him fights or vice versa - this is a great interview, you forget he is a fighter, Tony could be talking to a CEO of a huge corporation here.

zanerobbins3 profile image

Not sure I agree. I think he is just tired of the politics and now neither party are talking as nobody will make the first move. Shame really - was looking forward to his season. Agree this interview is hypnotising though.

taliashaw_962 profile image
Talia Shaw

Same. Dana White has basically said he wonโ€™t fight this year and going into retirement means he wonโ€™t need to offer him 3 fights. I think itโ€™s all planned ๐Ÿ˜‚

warrenramone profile image
Ramone Warren

love it, hope he hasn't retired

razzaalfred1 profile image

great video, been waiting for this to come out on video for a while now, thanks for the share.

zanerobbins3 profile image

One of the best I have seen on Tony's channel. How did Conor McGregor become Conor McGregor in terms of his business mind? Surely that just didn't come out of him from nowhere?

taliashaw_962 profile image
Talia Shaw

I never get tired of Conorโ€™s passion and energy in these interviews

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