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UFC Fighter Walkout Song/Music List

I wish more UFC fighters understood the connection fans make with their entrance music. The right track, with consistency, makes for an amazing experience and an emotional long standing fan connection.

I'm attempting to put a list together of all the walkout music for UFC fighters (past and present, and other MMA fighters). Drop a comment in below if you have any and i'll embed it in.

Paddy the Baddy (Paddy Pimblett) walk out song:

It's a combination of two actually, you can hear the first below more prominently though. He's been using this combination from way back, which shows you how tuned into his branding he is. Paddy was the only UFC athlete (other than Conor) to get the lights out treatment for a walkout that wasn't the main or co-main event.

Kamaru Usman's walkout song:

It's pretty cool, some nice energy to it, forgetful though 🤷

Darren Till walkout song:

Sweet Caroline makes the hair on the back of your next rise when played in a stadium. Full on audience interaction here with the singing along, wonderful to watch.

Conor McGregor's walkout song:

The Foggy Dew usually fades into Hypnotize or Notorious B.I.B (both by The Notorious B.I.G) he did come out to 'I Get Money' by 50 cent when he fought Alvarez at UFC 205 which was pretty cool.

Exceptional branding as you'd expect from McGregor.

Colby Covington's Walkout Song

Very theatrical.. Took a while for Colby to build up enough hate that the audience would actually chant 'You Suck' but he did it and loath him or not, it does work.

Tony Ferguson's Walkout Song

Proper old skool - really good well thought out branding here from Tony (including all the Ninja Turtle and breakdance stuff)

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Ollie Gadd

Jose Aldo's "Run This Town" never fails to give me chills. Hearing "Down Under" when Volkanovski walks out always makes me smile as well.