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What's the next MMA event to look forward to?

With UFC 257 done and dusted, what's the next most eagerly anticipated MMA event that you are looking forward to?

From a quick scan of the UFC's website, I can see we have Alistair Overeem vs Alexander Volkov next in Feb, then Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns and after than Jan Błachowicz
vs Israel Adesanya. Amazing stuff, but not as exciting as they could be.

I hear rumblings of Colby Covington v Jorge Masvidal, that sets me on fire. Jon Jones v Stipe Miocic also sounds legendary.

I think what I am looking forward to the most though is the conclusion of the UFC's lightweight division, the following schedule would just be explosive if it played out.

Conor McGregor v Justin Gaethje
Dustin Poirier v Charles Oliveira
Michael Chandler v Tony Ferguson

How about you? What's the next big MMA fight that you are looking forward to?

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jlant024 profile image
Jordan Lanthier

Im actually very excited to see Israel take on Jan. While most people have Izzy winning, I don't think it's as clear cut as that. Jan has real knockout power and great kicks at range. Izzy does get tagged occasionally, and if Jan lands clean on him I could see a him finishing the fight. Also being a bigger and assuming stronger man, the clinch game may create an avenue for success for Jan. Either way, I am super excited to see what happens!

anirbularee_571 profile image
Anir Bularee

I can't wait for this, it is such an intriguing contest. I think Izzy will be too clever for Jan, too elusive maybe but I am equally interested in what the extra weight does during a championship bout.

lee profile image

Spot on. Jan is very dangerous. It’s an intriguing one isn’t it? If he lands clean, then it’s lights out. It’s a big risk in my opinion. What do reckon @markb2201 ?

markb2201 profile image
mark blanchard

I think March is an incredible month for the UFC. 5 title fights in one month!?! Its like International fight week come early. However bad COVID gets, the UFC has the fans backs

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lee profile image

I’ll say. Thank god for fight island, i’d love to be out there at an event, what an experience that would be!

Wow, is it 5?? I thought it was 2. Well that’s more 4.30am starts for me then 😂😂 - So looking forward to seeing Leon Edwards.

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