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Why you should start your MMA blog on This MMA Life

This MMA Life is the perfect place for you to kick start your MMA blog, or migrate your existing MMA blog over.

kick start you mma blogging on this mma life

A quick refresher on why we started this community.

This MMA Life is a place where MMA enthusiasts can share their passion for Mixed Martial Arts without abuse and the general toxicity that tends to follow MMA online.

Here we want to see your training techniques, we want to learn about you, what your opinion is on up and coming bouts, how Martial Arts has changed your life (as it does with all of us) tell us about that, share it with others, you'll get nothing but positive feedback and the best-case scenario is that you empower others.

We are building a platform that young people can join safely and share their thoughts and learn from others, something that isn't available today.

So if you love MMA and you want to start your own MMA blog, whether you are a fan of the sport, a promoter, gym owner, athlete we are the place you'll want to do it.

start your mma blog on this mma life

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This MMA Life Community

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