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re: Being in Los Angeles the gyms are closed. Even if they were open, I live with someone who is at high risk for complications should they contract CO...

Great insight, thanks! Do you thinking that knowing and being able to train BJJ with a dummy as helped with your mental health during the crisis? Also, how cautious do you think you will be with an opponent once you are able to roll again?


Training BJJ with a dummy has absolutely helped my mental health during quarantine. It really helps to be able to work off stress and anxiety in a creative way. I had worried I would lose that with the loss of rolling, but that hasn't been the case.

As for being cautious with opponents once I return, our coach (who wrestled and did sambo) trains us to take an offensive posture at all times. So if I do that I'm going to get yelled at. Ha ha!

🙏🏽 Great approach Daniel 🥋🥋

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